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Stainless Steel Welding Wires

We are counted as a major manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Stainless Steel Welding Wires, based in India. Our wide range of Stainless Steel Welding includes SS MIG Welding Wires and SS TIG Welding Wire. They are designed with high quality and grade stainless steel for unbeatable quality structure and design. The high durability and rigidity of the array is guaranteed. Our huge collection of wires is used for inert gas shielded welding, submerged arc welding, MIG welding (TIG), etc. With highly-effective welding, and easy to use features, the array is also widely used in welding automation like surfacing and thin connect, etc. Our wide collection of products is designed as per the national and international quality norms


  •     Long lasting life
  •     Strong and robust
  •     Resistant to abrasion
  •     Anti corrosive
  •     Dimensionally accurate
  •     Consistent quality
  •     Excellent feed ability
  •     High welding efficiency

Stainless Steel Welding Wires is used in many kinds of machines in the welding industry. These machines are used for Airgas shielding during welding purposes as well. In case of small machines where a mild amount of steel is used the gases that are used for shielding are, are used in cylinders of many sizes.

When the machines are of medium size and the amount of steel used is bigger the gasses used are the same as above 75 percent Argon and 25 percent carbon dioxide. Cylinders of many sizes are uses to contain the gases and allow only small amount of Short-Circuit transfer of welding materials.
In some other machines of medium size, the containing cylinders are only of 300 cf and allow only a tiny amount of Short-Circuit transfer of materials during welding.


This kind of wire is used in the industry today for various reasons. Firstly they give very good feeding by the proper utilization of power and voltage of the wire. Secondly, this type of wires give a very clean and nice quality of the wire surface and the production transfer on the diameter of the wire is less or narrow. Thirdly, stainless steel wires are used because they utilize the chemical composition and offer unparalleled wielding quality.

Stainless Steel Welding Wires are used in the industry in the Gas metal arc welding process (GMAW) which is also called in the industry by names as Metal Inert Gas welding (MIG) and Metal Active Gas welding (MAG).  This process works when the GMAW welding torch is held either vertically or horizontally to the surface of the material to be welded and the process works then the welding torch forms and arc of welding material falling on the surface on the metals. This makes the metal or metals melt.

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SS TIG Welding Wire

The most widely available configurations are 5.0, 4.0, 3.2, 2.4, 2.0, 1.6, 1.2 and 1.0 mm diameter wires.

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SS MIG Welding Wires

This kind of wire is to be used with Argon, a certain variety of Aluminum. It is used for much stronger and harder welded materials.