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Established in the year 1984, Super Wire Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of Welding and Metallizing Wires in the country.

About Us

Mr. H. K. Vohra started Super Wire Industries in 1984. Since its beginning, Super Wire Industries has believed in providing world-class welding and metallizing solutions and products. Super Wire Industries is a major maker of welding and metallizing wires in the country. Extensive research and development has resulted in outstanding product quality, positioning us as one of the industry's leading suppliers. Quality and safety are our primary concerns. We provide high quality, fulfilling all international standards. Our customers range from the power sector, railways, automobiles, construction equipment, the LPG industry, pipes, capacitors, and even the smallest fabricators. We at Super Wires take great care when acquiring our raw materials.

We insist on our suppliers' dedication to quality sustenance. Before entering our manufacturing processes, we ensure that all of our inputs pass a set of severe mechanical and chemical quality inspections.

Founder's Message

Super Wire Industries has made ground-breaking developments since its start in 1984, cementing our position as a leader in the Welding and Metallizing Wire business.

I would want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal consumers, whose continuing patronage and faith in our products drive us to give the finest possible service and value for money. We are dedicated to complete client satisfaction by discovering their unique requirements, turning them into high-quality products, and offering trustworthy after-sales service.

Super Wire Industries takes pleasure in not just our products, but also the relationships we form with our customers. Our professional support team is always available to help you choose the best wire for your projects and provide technical information as needed.

Our Infrastructure

We have three modern manufacturing facilities in Faridabad, Haryana. Our overall manufacturing capability for Welding and Metallizing Wires is over 1000MT per month.

We have created a sophisticated manufacturing facility that allows us to deliver high-quality Welding Wires. This unit's streamlined operations and cost-effective production procedures have allowed us to deliver high-quality items at the best possible pricing. Furthermore, we have sophisticated gear that allows us to manufacture 800 MT of welding wires per month.

Zinc Wire's production method has grown from a traditional zinc wire manufacturing plant to a cutting-edge automatic and high-output process based on Continuus Properzi, or continuous casting and rolling lines. This allows us to produce the highest quality zinc wires while also giving us a high production capacity of around 400MT of zinc wires each month.